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Top 10 Spring Blooming Flowers That Will Add Instant Color To Home Garden

While the spring season in India brings happiness and joy everywhere, garden flowers also bloom in abundance at this time and fill our gardens with colorful flowers. So today we will tell you about some such flowers which like to bloom in spring in India. They are like wonderful garden decorations, and we have prepared spring-season flower names for you. From fancy zinnias to lovely pansies, these spring-bloom flowers are a time change for your garden. Get ready to meet these spring flowering plants that transform your garden into a happy place. Let’s start simple gardening with the top 15 spring flowers that will fill your home garden with colors!

When Do The Spring Months Come In India?

Many people do not know when spring comes in India, so let us tell you that it usually comes in February, March, and April. During this period, the weather changes from cold winter months to mild warm months. It is a joyous time when many plants and trees begin to flower, and gardens come alive with a splash of colors.

Top 10 Popular Spring Season Flowers For Your Home Garden

let’s learn about some of the popular flowers that bloom in spring or spring season flowers name in India and when to plant them.

1) Marigold: Traditional Spring Flowers In India

Marigolds are popular spring bloom flowers and are famous for their delightful yellow and orange flowers which are a classic choice for Indian gardens. Their fragrant flowers and lush foliage make them a great addition to grow bags and pots.

When to Plant: The best time to plant marigold seeds is in late winter or early spring to get colorful flowers during spring.

2) Pansy: Lovely Spring Flowering Plants

Pansies, with their charming ‘faces,’ are cool-season annuals that come in a spectrum of colors. They add a playful touch to beds, borders, or containers.

When to Plant: Late winter and early spring are the perfect times to plant pansy seeds to enjoy their delightful blooms in the spring season.

3) Petunia: Famous Spring Season Flowers Name

Petunia is one of the best flowers that bloom in spring in India and is popular for its trumpet-shaped flowers which are available in different colors. They are perfect for hanging baskets, borders, or pots.

When to Plant: Start sowing petunia seeds indoors in late winter, or plant seedlings in early spring for vibrant flowers throughout the spring.

4) Daffodil (Narcissus): Amazing Flowers That Bloom In Spring

Daffodils or Nargis is a popular spring flowering plant grown primarily from bulbs and known for its bright yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers. They bring a cheerful and classic charm to your home gardens.

When to plant: Plant daffodil bulbs in the fall (September-November), and they will reward you in the form of blooms in early spring.

5) Verbena: Excellent Spring Bloom Flowers

Verbena, with its clusters of small, vibrant flowers, is the ideal spring flower in India. It adds a vibrant and dynamic touch to hanging baskets, pots, or gardens.

When to Plant: Sow verbena seeds in winter or early spring for a vivid spring display.

6) Alyssum: Pretty Spring Flowers In India

Alyssum, with its cute appearance and sweet fragrance, is like the little sweetheart of your home garden. These tiny blooms are a burst of white, pink, purple, or yellow, looking like miniature clouds.

When to Plant: For that extra spring bloom, sow Alyssum seeds directly into your garden or pots in late winter or early spring.

7) Dianthus: Excellent Spring Flowering Plants

The next flower to bloom in spring in India is Dianthus which has flowers with ruffled petals that add beauty and color to your home garden. Dianthus, also known as Sweet William or carnation, brings a touch of romance to your garden.

When to Plant: If you want dianthus flowers to bloom in spring you will need to plant them in late winter or early spring.

8) Snapdragon: Ideal Flowers That Bloom In Spring

The Snapdragon is a vibrant flower that adds excitement to your spring garden. Like its name, it looks like a dragon, which also adds a touch of color to your outdoor space.

When to plant: The best time to plant snapdragon seeds is in late winter or early spring.

9) Sweet Pea: Popular Spring Flowers In India

Sweet Pea is a delicate and fragrant spring-blooming plant that brings an aura of beauty to your home garden. With its unique fragrance and light-colored petals, Sweet Pea is a timeless favorite.

When To Plant: The best time to sow Sweet William seeds is in late winter or early spring.

10) Daisy: Best Spring Season Flowers Name

Daisies are known for their beautiful daisy-like flowers that come in a variety of colors. These beauties are not only attractive but also incredibly resilient, thriving in full sun and well-drained soil.

When to plant: To get flowers in spring, plant daisy seeds or young plants in late winter or early spring.

Thanks for reading this article where I discussed the top 10 spring season flower names and their planting time. Hope you now understand about flowers that bloom in spring in India and now you are ready to get into gardening with spring blooming flowers.




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