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The benefits of 5 incredible indian spices 

INDIAN SPICES : Indian cooking and medieval medicine have used seeds for generations. It is still important to use home remedies recommended by the elders in the family, even with the advancement of modern medicine. Many people are unaware of the health benefits of seeds – and there’s a good reason for it!

You can boost your immune system and body function by eating seeds or using them in food. The following are 5 amazing Indian spices, as well as their benefits.


The flax seed
The seeds of amaranth
The seeds of sesame
The mustard seed
The seeds of cumin
flax seed
flax seed


The flax seed : Despite their strange taste, flax seeds are packed with health benefits. Omega-3 is the most important nutrient for brain, eye, and cardiovascular health in flax seeds. In addition, they are good antioxidants, and doctors recommend them for treating PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), a hormonal disorder. It is said that foods that contain flax seeds can improve digestion because they contain anti-inflammatory properties and fiber. Flax seeds can also be consumed when they are ground and added moderately to rotis, breads, and other baked goods.

The seeds of amaranth : The Aztecs used amaranth seeds for religious ceremonies as well as eating them as a staple. It was for this reason that Amaranth seeds were so important back then. The importance of these seeds hasn’t changed over time. The gluten-free properties of amaranth seeds are largely known and used in the same way as those of maize and wheat. In addition to being antioxidants, they are also high in protein. A healthy cardiovascular system depends on vitamin K. Additionally, pregnant women should take vitamin K to protect their unborn children from foliate deficiencies. As well as reducing one’s appetite, it also promotes natural weight loss.

sesame seeds
sesame seeds


The seeds of sesame :  Many Indian dishes contain sesame seeds, which are very popular. Are you aware that it can also benefit your health? In addition to reducing cardiac stress, lowering blood pressure, improving bone health, and preventing diabetes, sesame seeds, or til, contain natural oils. The protein in it boosts metabolism. As one of sesame seeds’ constituents, sesimol, protects DNA from chemotherapy-related radiation.



spices aarug agro
spices aarug agro


The mustard seed : Sarson da saag and Sarson ka tael are two of the most beloved Indian dishes. Have you ever heard of its ability to prevent colon and cervical cancers? Bronchitis and respiratory illnesses can be treated with mustard seeds. Menopausal women can also benefit from these seeds by improving their bone health in addition to controlling diabetes and lowering cholesterol. There is even evidence to suggest mustard seeds can reduce the effects of poison on the body.

cumin seeds
cumin seeds

The seeds of cumin : Cumin, or jeera, deserves more credit than just its delicious flavor in food. Indigestion can be treated with cumin seeds. In addition to being high in fiber, they also act as laxatives for piles. In addition to being a natural relaxant, cumin seeds help ease insomnia as well.makes it a stress-reliever. Additionally, cumin seeds are rich in iron, which helps anemic patients. In addition to producing hemoglobin, iron is also essential for maintaining healthy blood flow.





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