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Discovering the secrets of organic farming

Natural foods and the preservation of nature led to organic farming. Despite high prices, consumers still have many choices. Manufacturers of organic products in India have stepped up their production to cater to the growing demand for naturally grown products in both domestic and international markets.

Learning what organic farming is all about.

Organic farming is based on natural and sustainable practices. Ecological farming promotes harmony with nature. Sustainable food production is aimed at being socially, ecologically, and economically beneficial. Food grown organically must be nutritious without harming the environment.  Organic production uses natural materials and processes. This allows the environment to remain productive and flourish. In organic farming, some modern techniques are used along with traditional methods.

What organic farming is all about.

Regulations and principles are required for organic farming. Generally, most countries follow the same principles. Examples include:

  • This is aimed at ensuring the health of all creatures, including humans and soil microorganisms, by promoting farming practices that respect and enhance their health.
  • Organic farming adheres to the idea that it must use environmentally friendly techniques in order to preserve and enhance nature (landscapes, climates, natural habitats, biodiversity, air, water, and soil).
  • In this principle, farmers, suppliers, traders, and consumers must all be treated with respect and honesty. In addition to providing proper living and working conditions for the workers, it also ensures that consumers receive quality products.
  • Future balance can only be achieved by following precautions. Using resources responsibly is encouraged, keeping in mind the needs of upcoming generations and nature.

Anaerobic soil disinfestation and buffering are also necessary for organic farming, along with mechanical soil cultivation, recycling, and the use of renewable resources.

Organic farming leads to healthier soils, reduced pollution, improved nutrition, and enhanced biodiversity in ecosystems, as a whole.

Humans and nature both benefit from organic farming. Organic farming is a challenging business, which is why it gets special attention. However, it also needs more opportunities to thrive.

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