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Black spices are the key to great health!

Black spices :  As we all know, BLACK is one of the most beloved colours since more than a thousand years ago, and it is also associated with negatives as Black Magic. Despite its extreme contrast, ‘Black’ is truly magical when paired with spices! I am referring to the magic that some Black spices can bring to your life and your health. Many of these ingredients listed below are used in our kitchen, but we are unaware of their uses. Often, we forget how to incorporate these ingredients into our daily lives in order to maximize their benefits. In order to add these black beauties to our diets, let’s discuss some tips & tricks:


  1. The black sesame seed
  2. The black cumin seed
  3. The black pepper
  4. The Black Cardamom

    Black Sesame seeds aarug
    Black Sesame seeds aarug

    The black sesame seed : Black sesame seeds contain polyunsaturated fatty acids and Omega-6 fatty acids, which are healthy fats for building your body. In addition, they have the capability of reducing the risk of Cancer, alleviating constipation, and stabilizing blood pressure among other things.This one seed consists of varied benefits, so can we definitely cannot ignore this ingredient. A person’s consumption of Black Sesame Seeds in baked goods cannot affect their health much as it is a very small portion, as it is mostly used in baking. Using these seeds in this way is a great way to consume them.

Tips & Tricks: Black Sesame Milk is the perfect choice for those who want to achieve magical results in body building. The recipe is very easily found on the internet & is becoming         very popular around the world. You can add this milk to your regular almond or soy milk or drink it straight with cereal & boost your health in a month!


Black cumin seeds aarug agro
Black cumin seeds aarug agro


The black cumin seed : There is something very bright about Black Seeds. Here is an ancient beauty secret that will cure almost all the fears you may have as a woman. It doesn’t matter if you are obese, aging, stressed, acne, rashes, greying or falling hair, or nails, the seeds can work miracles. As mentioned in the Quran, they can do wonders for heart health, blood sugar, cough, kidney cleansing, or any other issue you can mention except death. A popular way to consume Black Cumin Seeds is in the form of an oil or in baking. Many ailments can also be treated with essential oils externally. It is best, however, to consume these seeds every day in order to get rid of any ailments. Salads are an easy way to do that, since they also aid in nutrient absorption.

Tips & Tricks: I will suggest you a great way to consume these spicy seeds. With honey, black seeds make the best snack & can also be used as a salad dressing or on other foods. Both honey and black seeds complement each other perfectly! Honey enhances the taste of spicy black seeds.



 black pepper aarug agro
black pepper aarug agro


 The black pepper : There are many uses for this spice, making it the ‘King of Spices’. It adds a special touch to any ordinary recipe when used in many cuisines. Many people are unaware of its extraordinary benefits. You need your enthusiasm to survive in this growing stressful world. Black pepper can help you do just that. A pinch of black pepper daily has been proven to be an anti-depressant. In addition to this, black pepper is useful for your dental health; it aids digestion, helps cure cancer, vitiligo, obesity, and high blood pressure. Your skin and hair will love black pepper’s minerals. This spice, which is mostly consumed as powder, can help keep you fit and healthy.

Tips & Tricks: Buttermilk is the best way for Indians to consume this spice. By flushing out all the impurities, it helps cleans the intestines and enhances proper absorption of nutrients from the consumed food. It’s consumed at the end of meals or after meals.


common aarug agro
Black Cardamom aarug agro

The Black Cardamom :  Spices are considered the king of spices, but what about their queen? The very obvious reason why Black Cardamom is called the ‘Queen of Spices’ is its power. You will enjoy its delicious taste & aroma while getting just the nutrition you need. To mention just a few of its important benefits, it keeps the gastrointestinal system healthy, improves the skin’s appearance by promoting circulation, contains anti-cancerous characteristics which can help prevent breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, ovaries cancer, and lower high blood pressure. It also helps cure muscular spasms and bad breath. However, it also helps support proper heart rhythm, which is very unique to this spice. Consuming this spice regularly would prevent you from needing pacemakers. The queen of spices controls a great heart, which is a key to great health.

Tips & Tricks: Black Cardamom can now be consumed in multiple ways. Spice up your rice, biryanis, and deserts with it. Make an aromatic tea by boiling it in your tea. Make your masalas even more flavorful with its powder. No matter what, you’ll always enjoy it!





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