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Culture of seeds in an organic manner 

Organic cultivation of seeds: Since ancient times, agro farming has been a part of Aarug culture.In land cultivation, the main goal is to maintain the soil and keep it healthy by using all natural wastes such as crops, cow dunks, farm wastes and other biological matter that provides nutrients to the crop without polluting it.

Organic cultivation is actually needed

Every human body needs organic cultivation to grow healthily in the future. All the natural elements of this planet benefit from it because it acts as a protective shield. Besides being better suited for climate change, aarug agro framing protects bio-diversity, enhances soil fertility, and tastes great, too.

Fresh plants and soil
Fresh plants and soil


Following are the best cultivation methods for organic farming:
The rotation of crops

The Green Manure

The biological control of pests

The Compost

Methods other than these

The rotation of crops :   Crops are grown sequentially in the same area during different seasons

The Green Manure : In order to improve soil quality, dying plants are uprooted and stuffed in it

The biological control of pests :  Pesticide use is controlled by living organisms, reducing the use of chemicals

The Compost : Fertilizers made from recycled organic matter are highly nutrient-dense.

Methods other than these :  In addition to crop diversity, soil management, weed control, livestock management, etc; organic cultivation also involves the management of other organisms.

Various harmful chemicals are minimized by organic farming in many nations since it minimizes chemical usage. In order to improve soil quality and cultivate crops, natural methods are being used more often. A modernization of cultivation is what organic cultivation is all about. Nature, science, and technology combine to create it.

In India, Sikkim state became the first fully organic state this year, and other states are following suit. In addition to Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, and Kerala, there are several other states in India that are already moving towards becoming organic. Pesticides that have been banned in over 67 countries are still being used in these states.As organic farming spreads worldwide, it is hoped that a positive, good and progressive change will be made in the world.




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