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Organic spices: why should you buy them?

Organic spices: Why is organic food so beneficial? Food that is produced organically does not contain pesticides, artificial growth inhibitors, or hormones. When we realize the benefits of organic food, switching may seem pricey at first. Spices provide a plethora of health benefits in addition to providing flavour and colour to meals.

Indian cuisine uses spices widely in a variety of dishes. Almost any food preparation can benefit from a spice accent.  There is an increase in the use of organic spices in every cuisine because they are such a vital component. We should choose organic spices for a number of reasons.

Enhances immunity. There is no longer any glimmer of optimism provided by genetic modification. The effects on human health are unknown due to its early stage. The potential long-term consequences of genetically modified crops should be considered in addition to the benefits.

Elimination of toxic chemicals.

To boost faster development, traditional spices are treated with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and sludges, like any other commercially produced food. In most cases, these chemicals make their way into the soil, where they are absorbed by spice plants. Biologically grown spices require no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, GMOs, sewage sludge, or pollutants, and are therefore healthier.




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