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Advantages of fennel seeds for your health 

Cancer is prevented by this product : Seeds of fennel : There are several varieties of fennel plants and fennel seeds belong to the carrot family. Indians prefer their roasted form (Saunf) after meals because of their sweet, powerful taste.  Aarug agro is one of the world’s leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of fennel seeds, with their minty flavor and chewy texture.

Phytonutrients are abundant in fennel seeds. Oil produced by fennel is primarily composed of anethole, a phytonutrient found in fennel seeds. In fighting against cancer, Anethole protects our body against infections or inflammation.



fennel seed aarug agro
fennel seed aarug agro

Antioxidants are stopped and immunity is improved : A bulb (bottom part of the crop) of fennel is a rich source of Vitamin C, the main water-soluble antioxidant. Free radicals found in the body’s liquid environment can be reduced or controlled with Vitamin C. When free radicals accumulate in the body’s liquid environment, they can damage human cells. Joints may weaken and body pain may result. Fennel is the best solution for controlling or preventing osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Vitamin C from Fennel Crop bulb helps fight or control microbes in our bodies as it controls antioxidant activity.

Sun or smoke burn can damage the skin if vitamin C is not present. By increasing collagen production, Vitamin C improves the smoothness of the skin and the texture of the skin.

Maintains a healthy cardiovascular and colon system

In the Fennel Crop, the bulb is high in fiber. Human body’s extra cholesterol level can be reduced and controlled by fiber. Additionally, fennel prevents colon cancer. Carcinogenic toxins are extracted from the colon by the fiber of the fennel bulb. Potassium is another important component of fennel that helps control high and low blood pressure.

Improve the health of your bones

Minerals are also present in fennel crops, which are helpful for efficient body functioning. Bone structure is maintained by minerals. Additionally, it improves bone strength. Calcium and Phosphate, which are also present in Fennel, are essential for bone development.

There are other benefits as well


We benefit from fennel seeds because they improve our body’s metabolism.Vitamin B-6 is also found in good amounts in fennel seeds.Glucose and amino acids contain starch and proteins, which vitamin B-6 breaks down. Our bodies get energy from glucose and amino acids.

Based on several basic studies, fennel appears to have a wide range of health benefits. Hence, fennel seeds provide your body with high levels of nutrition, while also increasing your courage to a large extent.




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