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The 5 herbs that will protect you from the flu

Herbs are plants with fragrant properties used to flavour and embellish food for medicinal purposes. Fresh or dried, these leaves are used in cooking. In addition to adding flavour and colour to a drink or dish, herbs have a number of health-promoting properties.

As winter approaches, many people will be sick with influenza, even if they love the cold air after a long summer. During the winter months, influenza is a prevalent viral infection. As a respiratory disease, it is often associated with the common cold. It is easy to spread the flu and affects our lungs, throat, and nose despite having similar symptoms. The flu is caused by different viruses. It is possible to protect ourselves from the flu by using kitchen herbs that act as effective home remedies.

Protect yourself from the flu with these herbs

The andrographis : A Chinese herbal medicine called King of the Bitters is also known as a treatment for infections and inflammation. The antimicrobial effect of this compound is achieved by regulating a particular peptide that has been found to play an important role in innate immunity.

Five days of treatment with tablets containing mostly andrographis and a small amount of Siberian ginseng was carried out in a pilot study. Compared to the control group, they experienced fewer flu complications. As a result of the herbs, the length of time that the illness lasted was minimized and the healing process was accelerated. Their sick leave was also reduced as a result.

The herb berberine :  Goldenseal, coptis, and phellodendron contain this type of active ingredient. The mortality rate of mice treated with berberine decreased from 90% to 5% and viral titres in their lungs decreased 3. The anti-inflammatory properties of berberine may also prevent further damage to organs and tissues as it inhibits the activity of viral neuraminidase.

The herb echinacea: Influenza is commonly treated with this herb. Moreover, it has anti-viral and antibacterial properties because it enhances and modulates the immune system. Vaccination responses can be improved by reducing respiratory symptoms with Echinacea. Moreover, E. purpurea root protected against influenza Av in a laboratory experiment.

The herb thyme :  A bitter compound and essential oils are present in it. Their antiseptic and immune-supportive properties are thought to be responsible for its antiseptic properties. As a result of the thyme leaves warming up the body, the lungs are specifically stimulated. The herb thyme has been traditionally used for removing mucous membranes from the lungs and reducing congestion. There are many types of syrups that contain it because it is an effective cough suppressant.

The elecampane : Since it has poignant properties, it prevents coughs and expectorates. Bronchitis, cough, hay fever, asthma, tuberculosis and pleurisy are traditionally used to treat them.






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