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The 5 Best reasons to eat sesame seeds or til

Sesame seeds or til : A healthy lifestyle and a beautiful appearance are essential parts of today’s society. To stay healthy and warm, we need a good source of fibre and nutrition in our daily meals. As one of the secrets to our health, sesame seeds are part of our daily meals. It will help to lower blood pressure, heart problems, and cancer risk.

In addition to preventing recurrence of radical damage, reducing swelling and redness, and reducing anti-ageing skin problems, sesame seeds (til) are natural anti-inflammatory ingredients.

India is one of the world’s largest producers? In 2006-2007, India contributed 18.8% of sesame exports to the world, according to APEDA (The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority). Around a thousand tons of sesame seeds are exported from the Indian market to other countries.

These sesame seeds have a lot of nutritional value and come in three varieties.

Seeds of sesame hulled
Seeds of natural sesame
The seeds of black sesame

sesame seed-aarug agro
sesame seed-aarug agro

Our diet plan should include sesame seeds or til for the following reasons:

  • Digestion is healthy and happy
  • Immunity booster
  • Skincare that nourishes and charms
  • Nutritious for health
  • Hypertension and blood pressure are controlled by it

    Digestion is healthy and happy : Healthy living involves having a good immune system and boosting the digestive system. Digestive problems can be treated with black sesame seeds. Sesame seeds are high in fibre and unsaturated fatty acids. Bowel movements will be eased by it.

    Immunity booster : The high fat content of sesame seeds boosts energy levels and improves immunity. As well as fiber, iron, calcium, and omega-3s, this fruit contains some nutrients. As a result, we will stay healthy and full of energy.

    Skincare that nourishes and charms : You can nourish your skin with sesame or use sesame oil to improve your anti-aging problems by consuming sesame. Applied to your skin, sesame seeds keep it moisturised and shiny. The benefits of keeping your skin smooth and improving dryness and dullness on a winter day are greatly increased. You may be surprised to find out that Sesame seed oil can also be used to protect our skin from sunburn.

    Nutritious for health : Dandruff and dry scalp issues are causing hair loss. You can recover from this problem by using sesame seed oil. This product contains fatty omega acids, minerals, Vitamin E, and B complex to nourish hair and make it shine more.

    Hypertension and blood pressure are controlled by it : We can become physically and mentally fit by eating sesame seeds every day. Blood pressure can be controlled and hypertension can be overcome by eating sesame seeds. Magnesium is included, as well as antioxidants. Controlling hypertension and reducing blood pressure will be made easier with this method.





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