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T.N. Agricultural University announces offline counselling schedule to fill in vacancies

Introduction: The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) has taken a proactive step to address vacant seats by announcing an offline counselling session for the third week of August 2023. This move aims to facilitate the filling of seats in various academic and vocational courses. The announcement comes through an official TNAU press release, which outlines the key details for the upcoming counselling process.

Counselling Details

The counselling session will primarily target three categories: academic, vocational, and general vocational courses. This distribution ensures that a broad spectrum of students will have the opportunity to secure their educational paths through TNAU. The specific allocation for each category is 7.5%, reflecting the institution’s commitment to diverse educational offerings.

Dates and Venue

The counselling sessions are set to take place at the Anna Auditorium within the TNAU campus. The schedule is as follows:

  1. Academic-General Counselling: August 22 and 23
  2. Academic-Vocational and General Vocational Counselling: Third week of August 2023

These dates mark crucial opportunities for aspiring students to engage with the counselling process and secure their places in the upcoming academic year.

Invitations and Communication

To ensure transparency and accessibility, TNAU has published the list of invited applicants and corresponding counselling slots on the official website In addition, the university has taken steps to directly communicate with candidates via their registered email addresses and mobile numbers. This proactive approach aims to maximize participation and minimize the risk of missed opportunities.

Importance of Participation

TNAU underscores the significance of active participation in the counselling process. The press release highlights that failure to engage in the counselling sessions could potentially lead to the forfeiture of future claims. This emphasizes the university’s commitment to fairness and equitability in the admission process.

Clarifications and Support

For any queries or clarifications, interested individuals can reach out to TNAU through the provided channels. The university has established a dedicated communication point via email: Additionally, individuals can seek assistance by contacting the following phone numbers: 0422-6611346, 9488635077, and 9486425076. These resources are available for assistance on all working days.


TNAU’s initiative to hold offline counselling sessions reflects its dedication to providing accessible and diverse educational opportunities for students. By actively engaging in this process, aspiring learners can secure their academic and vocational futures. The transparency in communication and the availability of support channels further exemplify TNAU’s commitment to a fair and efficient admission process. As the counselling sessions approach, eligible candidates are encouraged to participate wholeheartedly to secure their places at the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.




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