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Stages of a Chicken Egg Hatching | A Step-By-Step Guide

Introduction: Embarking on the journey of hatching chicken eggs can be a rewarding experience, especially for those interested in starting their backyard flocks. The process takes around three weeks, during which an egg incubator helps control essential factors such as temperature, humidity, and egg turning. Understanding the stages of a chicken egg’s hatching can lead to successful outcomes. This comprehensive guide explores the step-by-step process, from setting up the eggs to witnessing the adorable chicks hatch.

1. Stage 1: Setting Up the Eggs (Day 1)

The hatching journey begins with setting up the incubator and collecting fertilized eggs. The eggs should be placed in the tray with the large end facing up. Maintaining an incubator temperature between 90-100.6 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity around 50-60 percent is crucial at this stage. To ensure successful hatching, a minimum of six eggs should be incubated.


2. Stage 2: Turning the Eggs (Day 1-18)

During the incubation period, eggs should remain undisturbed, except for regular turning. Turning the eggs about three times a day helps the embryo and yolk to be in their proper positions and prevents the developing chick from getting stuck. For convenience, an automatic egg turner can be used to reduce the need for frequent incubator openings.

3. Stage 3: Candling the Eggs (Days 7-10)

Between the 7th and 10th day, candling becomes an essential step. Candling involves shining a light on the eggs to check for signs of embryo development. A dark spot or ring indicates an infertile or deceased chick, requiring removal from the incubator. A living embryo appears as a dark area in the egg with visible blood vessels, indicating a healthy chick.

4. Stage 4: Pre-Hatching (Days 18-21)

As the embryos near full development, the eggs enter the pre-hatching stage. The unhatched chicks position themselves inside the eggs in preparation for hatching.

5. Stage 5: Hatching the Eggs (Day 21)

Most chicks hatch on the 21st day, but it is not uncommon for some to hatch on the 22nd or 23rd day. It’s essential not to interfere with the hatching process and allow nature to take its course. The hatching process can take up to 24 hours.

Determining When Eggs Are About to Hatch

Certain indicators can help you know when eggs are about to hatch:

  • Peeping sounds from inside the eggs.
  • Clarity of the air cell at the fat end of the egg.
  • The hen’s behavior, such as sitting on the eggs, ruffling feathers, and clucking.

Hatching Time and Process Once the Shell is Broken

After breaking the shell, a chick typically takes about three hours to complete the hatching process. While the standard hatching time is day 21, variations occur due to different temperatures and humidity levels experienced by the eggs.

Incubation Time and First Chick Hatching

The usual incubation period for a chicken egg is 20-21 days. The first chick may start hatching around 24 hours after the eggs have started breaking.



Embarking on the fascinating journey of hatching chicken eggs requires careful attention and patience. Following the step-by-step guide from setting up the eggs to witnessing adorable chicks hatch can be both rewarding and fulfilling. Maintaining optimal conditions within the incubator ensures a successful hatching process, allowing you to experience the joy of new life as the chicks emerge from their shells.




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