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India’s Sugarcane Harvester: Uses and Advantages

Sugarcane Harvester : The sugarcane crop is one of the most important and essential cash crops in the world. Raw materials for sugar manufacturing are made from it. Indian sugar production is second only to Brazil’s.

In the sugarcane production system, harvesting is an important step. Markets also provide sugarcane harvesters for harvesting. Sugarcane harvesting is made easier and smoother with the harvester machine’s useful features.

We will review the best sugarcane harvesters in India and provide brief and accurate information about sugarcane harvesters with benefits. You can get all the information you need from this blog, so keep up with it.

What is Sugarcane Harvester?

A machine of this type was developed in the 1920s. Combined harvesters have similar functions and features.

A sugarcane harvester was invented by Mr. Wurtele. Sugarcane can be harvested relatively easily with this machine. Farmer production can be enhanced by its advanced features.

The uses of sugarcane harvesters

Farm machinery used for sugarcane harvesting, such as sugarcane harvesters. The following are some of the benefits of harvesters.

  • The stalks are cut at the base.

  • Harvesters cut leaves into strips. Segment the cane after cutting it.

  • A dusting machine removes dirt and dust particles from the air.

  • It acts as a fertilizer in the field because water material is ejected from the harvester.

The benefits of sugarcane harvesters

There are a number of benefits to using a sugarcane harvester that make it a favorite among sugarcane farmers. A sugarcane harvester has the following advantages:

  • It saves labor

There is a great deal of skill and hard work involved in sugarcane harvesting. Because sugarcane harvesters only want someone who knows how they operate, this problem is solved.

  • Make savings

Harvesters are one-time investments, so they save a lot of money.

  • Save Time

Harvesting is faster and easier with the machine. Produces the best results and increases farm efficiency.

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The best sugarcane harvesters in India

The market offers many excellent sugarcane harvesters that make harvesting work easier and more productive. In this article, we show some of the best sugarcane harvesters in India, complete with specifications.

1. Shaktiman Sugarcane Harvester

shaktiman sugarcane harvester
                                  shaktiman sugarcane harvester

Sugarcane harvesters made by Shaktiman provide excellent performance during harvesting. This machine has 173 horsepower and six cylinders. With its water-cooled diesel engine, the Shaktiman performs well. Farmers in India can afford Shaktiman harvesters.

Sugarcane harvester Shaktiman has some outstanding features, including:

  • Tracking System

GPS tracks the location of the harvester, and SMS and web supervisor features provide performance data.

  • System for cleaning

Every system or machine needs to be cleaned regularly. To eliminate dust particles that can choke radiator fins, Shaktiman sugarcane harvesters have cleaning technology that cleans the radiator at intervals. Limits the engine’s temperature.

  • Cutter for bases

Featuring a heavy-duty adjustable cutter, it effectively cuts canes. By rotating the blade holders in the opposite direction, the can is cut at ground level.

  • Fan

A feature that removes mud, dirt, dust, etc. from canes before delivering them into a container is available. A clean cane supply improves the income of sugar factories.

  • Crop Divider

Harvesters use this system to ensure they only harvest cane from the targeted row.

  • Stability

There is no doubt that the machine is stable. To facilitate working in harsh conditions, the tyres offer maximum strength and low soil compaction.

  • The cabin

The operator cabin of a sugarcane harvester is equipped with air conditioning. In the cabin, the driver sits comfortably in a joystick-controlled seat with adjustable height for each function.

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2. New Holland Sugarcane Harvester Austoft 4000


New Holland Sugarcane Harvester Austoft 4000
           New Holland Sugarcane Harvester Austoft 4000


Sugarcane harvesters like the Austoft 4000 are perfect in India. The machine is small and lightweight, making it ideal for farmers. Sugarcane harvesters have good maneuverability and best base cuts, resulting in less cane loss and improved production. With compact machines, cropping can be done in partially wet fields, which increases crop capacity in a variety of situations. Indian farmers should be able to afford harvesters.

The New Holland Austoft 4000 sugarcane harvester has some advanced features, including:

  • Crop Divider

Sugarcane rows are separated, adjacent rows harvested, and lodged cane stalks are lifted for feeding using a crop divider.

  • Chassis for mounting heavy motors

The chassis is more reliable and durable as a result.

  • Turbo Air Drag Cleaning System

Cane billets are cleaner with the system since trash is better extracted.

  • Rubber elevator flap

During infielder filling, billets are prevented from falling on the ground by a rubber flap on the elevator.

  • The reversible fan

It reverses airflow periodically and cleans the radiator, pump box, and pump box door. In addition, it reduces cleaning time and provides constant running even under difficult conditions because it improves airflow in the engine box. The engine box is better cooled and airflow is improved.

  • The advance eye camera

Providing proper security and safety with the advanced function of the harvester Austoft 4000. When reversing, it prevents accidents as it is installed at the rear. By preventing billets from being lost during unloading, the camera ensures the best harvest quality. Screen switching is fast and the rearview is clear. Cameras also provide safety improvements, reduced losses, and better visibility.

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3.New Holland Sugarcane Harvester Austoft 8000


New Holland Sugarcane Harvester Austoft 8000
         New Holland Sugarcane Harvester Austoft 8000

The harvesting process is improved by its many features. A few of the best features of New Holland Sugarcane Harvester Austoft 8000 include:

  • Engine System

Harvesters are powered by engines that provide power and strength. Cooling and engine function gauges are provided on the harvester. Forward speed, oil pressure, coolant temperature, and minimal maintenance are provided by these features.

  • The extractors

In the primary extractor system, the cane billets are cleaned using the anti-vortex system. A hydraulic fan is used in the secondary extractor system to remove dirt and dust.

Here is everything you need to know about sugarcane harvesters in India. I hope you found the blog interesting and enjoyable. You can find a used harvester at an affordable price at Aarug agro.





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