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Food oriented to diet : chickpeas 

Chickpeas: Chick peas get their name from the French word ‘chiche’ and the Latin word ‘cicer’. During the 1500s, chickpeas were called chiches. Cicer arietinum is the botanical name for chick peas.It is most common to find a Kabuli chickpea or a Desi chickpea.. Kabuli chickpeas have a smaller and yellower appearance than Desi chickpeas. It is one of According to ancient records, Kabuli chickpeas are one of the oldest cultivars of legumes.

Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines are incomplete without chickpeas. Humus, Chana dal, and falafel can be made with it. It can also be ground into flour for use as a flour substitute. Baking and smoothies can be made with chickpea flour.

chick-pea aarug agro
chick-pea aarug agro

You may be able to control your appetite with chickpeas because they contain proteins and fibre. Blood sugar levels are managed by chick peas. The fibre in chick peas helps in digestion and also helps maintain weight, as they are rich in fibre. Several minerals are contained in chickpeas, including magnesium and potassium, which help to boost heart health. Among the risk factors for heart disease is high blood pressure, which is controlled by this drug.

Vitamin B is also found in chickpeas, which helps prevent lung and breast cancer. All of the minerals in chickpeas contribute to the maintenance of bone strength and bone structure, including iron phosphate, calcium, manganese, zinc, and vitamin K. Because chickpeas contain a high fibre content and proteins, they help prevent constipation. Studies show that chickpeas lower bad cholesterol in the blood when included in the diet.


People are becoming more aware of the problems caused by conventional foods, which are driving a rise in the demand for organic products. In addition to Myanmar, Pakistan, Turkey, Ethiopia, and Russia, India is one of the major producers of chickpeas in the world. Organic chickpeas are one of India’s major exports. India is a major supplier of chickpeas to many countries in the developed world, including Germany, the USA, and the Netherlands.Organic chickpeas are exported by Aarug Agro, a well-known company with good products and services.

Chickpeas can be considered diet-oriented foods by overlooking their health benefits and nutritional value.



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