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The Success Story & Voyage of India’s Top 10 Famous Women Farmers

Famous Women Farmers in India: Today, women are progressing in every career area. Whatever the discipline, they are already excelling in it. They now provide for their families as well as the people around them by working to support their homes. Nothing is more powerful than a committed, aspirational woman who makes the decision to pursue her goals and make them come true.

Agriculture is one such industry where women are claiming their space alongside males. Did you realise that 84% of Indian women rely on agriculture for a living? 47% of the 84% of women who work in agriculture are farm labourers, and 33% are cultivators.

India has been the world’s leading agricultural nation for maintaining food security for centuries, and this would not be feasible without the contribution of “Annapoorna” itself. Additionally, the importance of women in agribusiness is growing every day. Here are 10 inspiring female farmers in India who are breaking barriers and making a name for themselves in the agricultural industry if you’re searching for success stories of Indian farmers.

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10 Famous Women Farmers in India


SN Name  Working Location
1. Bhavana Nilkanth Nikam Polyhouse farming Maharashtra
2. Binita Kumari Mushroom Farming Bihar
3. Doma Lachenpa Livestock Rearing & Horticulture Crops Sikkim
4. Gurvinder Kaur Dairy Farming Punjab
5. Hmangaihkimi Beekeeping Mizoram
6. Kaden Lepcha Potato Farming Sikkim
7. Bibi Kamaljit Kaur Organic Farming Punjab
8. Leena Sharma Natural Farming Himachal Pradesh
9. Linisha Mixed Farming Kerala
10. Savita Devi Dairy Farming Jharkhand












1.Bhavana Nilkanth Nikam



Bhavana Nilkanth Nikam
                     Bhavana Nilkanth Nikam


Bhavana Nikam is an intelligent young lady who pioneered the cultivation of grapes, capsicums, and other vegetables. She is a native of Maharashtra’s Nashik. She is a graduate who, aside from this, chose to focus on the field of agriculture rather than seek any other careers.

She was given the Shivaji Maharaj Krushi Sanman Prize and Best Woman Farmer Awards in 2019. (Krushiratn Award, Shetinishth Award, Rotary Club Adarsh Mahila Shetakari Award)

Aim: Protected farming and mechanisation are goals for a sustainable way of life and increased income potential.

Achievement: Using trickle irrigation, polythene mulching, and other cutting-edge and modern technologies to produce vegetables.

2.Binita Kumari


Binita Kumari
                     Binita Kumari

Since she comes from a farming family, Binita Kumari began engaging in cutting-edge agrarian practises like paddy seed spawn production. Throughout the year, she adopts various fungus species and produces mushrooms. Additionally, she received instruction from KVK, Banka for mushroom cultivation.

Aim: Experience learning as an agricultural innovator.

Achievement: She now makes between 2.5 and 3 lakhs annually from selling spawn and raw mushrooms.

3. Doma Lachenpa


Doma Lachenpa
               Doma Lachenpa

Farmer Doma Lachenpa’s main sources of revenue are raising livestock and growing horticultural crops. Additionally, this modern farmer was anxious to learn new technology for managing nutrients and pests. She also wanted to show the world that gardening can be a successful profession. She also wished to improve her farming techniques and use new, effective ones.

Aim: Agricultural women’s assistance through farm school.

Achievement: She raised crop output and productivity.

4. Gurvinder Kaur


Gurvinder Kaur
           Gurvinder Kaur


A small-scale farmer with 3 acres of property, Gurvinder Kaur. She holds a strong education and until 2014, taught in a private school. Additionally, she aspires to grow crops of the greatest calibre, including wheat, maize, rice, moong, and others. Additionally, with the aid of a training programme, she gained knowledge of dairy husbandry. Her family has also given a tonne of support in order to help her achieve her objective. Her success tales on small farms are also incredibly motivating and beneficial.

Aim: to accomplish benchmarks in agriculture and dairy farming.

Achievement: She is a prosperous dairy business owner who sells 90 gallons of milk every day and has four Holstein Friesian mulching animals.


5. Hmangaihkimi



Hmangaihkimi has 5 acres of property and focuses primarily on mixed cropping. Additionally, her husband assists her in accomplishing her farming objectives. The agricultural enterprise also assisted her in raising the standard of living for her family. She is a real inspiration for women’s freedom as a result.

Aim: beekeeping as a sustainable source of revenue.

Achievement: She explained conventional beekeeping methods and discovered that the contemporary bee-box produces more honey. She consequently made about Rs 28,000 monthly.


6. Kaden Lepcha


Kaden Lepcha
                      Kaden Lepcha

The cultivation of fruits, veggies, pulses, and buckwheat is well known in Kaden Lepcha. She also regularly attends training sessions and exhibits put on by the Agriculture Department to help her comprehend crops better.

Aim: Improve socioeconomic standing by raising public awareness of farming.

Achievement: She increased her output from 8 quintals using the conventional cultivation method to 15 quintals.


7. Bibi Kamaljit Kaur


Bibi Kamaljit Kaur
                 Bibi Kamaljit Kaur


Bibi Kamaljit Kaur, a mother of two, is undoubtedly a diligent woman. Additionally, she had transformed several communities, producing high-quality crops with little to no pesticide use.

Award :
KVK Handiaya recognised her as a district-level effective woman farmer. Deputy Commissioner Barnala has also given her awards for being a progressive and effective woman farmer.

Aim:  To implement a liberal mindset and a change in society.

Achievement : She manages more than 2,000 organic kitchen gardens with 2,000 female producers.

8. Leena Sharma


 Leena Sharma
       Leena Sharma

There are four family members who help Leena Sharma’s farming enterprise. Leena didn’t want to become a farmer first; she instead wanted to become a teacher. She later made the decision to use efficient agriculture to transform the globe.

Award : She received a commendable job award from the Agriculture Department on Independence Day from SDM and MLA Karsog.

Aim:  To give women more control through the use of organic farming methods.

Achievement : The top female grower from India who took part in the association of webinars at the international level was Leena Sharma.

9. Linisha




Although Linisha had a passion for fashion design at first, farming took on a particular significance in her life as a result of the tremendous support she received from a social media farming group. She made the decision to stick with this course because it would also benefit the earth.

Award : She was awarded the best kitchen garden (grow bag cultivation) in 2019 by Principal Krishi Officer from a Facebook community.

She also won the State Agriculture Minister’s award for the finest intercropping using coconuts on Facebook.

Aim: To improve the quality of life by raising knowledge of mixed farming.

Achievement : She keeps decorative fish, rabbits, and about 100 layer chicks at her house.

10. Savita Devi



Savita Devi is renowned for employing a hydroponic method of production and for instructing other female producers in the use of hydroponic techniques. She also owns a Holstein Friesian cow and one hectare of property.

Aim: To turn unused property into a productive dairy farm.

Achievement : She served as an example for other women farmers in the training programme, particularly for women farmers in the neighbourhood.



These are the top 10 renowned and influential agriculturalists or female entrepreneurs who devote their lives to improving the agriculture industry. This site aims to motivate and encourage the many agricultural women who are already making a difference or who have plans to do so.

So these are the top female farmers in India who have overcome obstacles faced by women farmers in India to accomplish great things in the agricultural industry. These ladies are also real heroes because they are making a great effort to ensure the country’s food security. Additionally, they are motivating a sizable population to fight for environmental improvement. In addition, the employment they create in the agricultural industry is substantial. As a result, we ought to be affected by their efforts and commitment to a better future.

From now on, let’s celebrate these remarkable women all year long, not just on Women Farmers’ Day.





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