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Best Way to Keep Chickens from Flying Over Fence (Explained!)

Establishing a fence is essential as it helps to prevent disturbances to chickens and any form escape. Chickens are the kind of birds that can fly using their wings now and then. When they are loose, they roam around and can be attacked by predators. Therefore, to make them more secure and avoid flying over fences, there are ways to ensure this. This article will explain the best ways to keep chickens from flying over fences

1. Clipping the Wings

This is where you trim the primary flight feather for the chicken, which will make the chicken unbalanced when it tries to fly. This is done by holding the chicken and spreading the wings to locate the primary feathers. Using very sharp, strong scissors, clip ten primary feathers, two thirds below the covert feathers.

Since chickens have blood vessels and bones in the wings, you should not cut them to harm them. Once done with clipping, release the chicken to allow it to relax.

2. Installing Higher Fence

This is when you add wire fencing or wire mesh on top of the fence to help keep your chickens inside. It will be too high for chickens to fly over.

3. Use a Chicken Run

When you give your chickens a run, it will give them enough space to free-ranging, and hang out without going far, and also protect them from predators.

4. Proper Feeding

When you provide and properly feed the chickens, they will not want to fly, since some chickens fly over fences to search for feed.

How to Stop Chickens from Flying

The following are six ways to stop chickens from flying;

1. By practicing wing clipping, which will prevent them from getting enough lift to fly and make them unbalanced.

2. Feeding chickens well will reduce the chances of them wanting to fly out of their run.

3. Provide high roosts in the chicken run, making the coop safe and secure and thus stopping them from flying

4. Provide enough space for them to roam.

5. Building a high fence, so they do not jump over it.

6. Use of tie cords around the legs of chickens, especially game breeds, to stop them from flying. Tie cords are examples of weights to keep chickens from flying
Overhead Poultry Netting

This is a cover on top of the existing fence using wire fencing, mesh, or chicken wire to keep flying predators away from the flock. It ensures the chickens stay within the run at all times.

4 Steps on How to Clip Chicken Wings

These are four steps to follow when clipping the chicken wings;

1. Catch the Chicken

The first thing to do is catch the chicken, hold it gently, and allow it to relax.

2. Expose the Wings

This is done by spreading the wings gently to identify the primary feathers and clipping the feathers along the entire length of the wing. Remember to clip only the wings and not the bone skin when clipping to prevent harming them.

3. Clip the Primary Feathers

After exposing the feathers, gently cut them with sharp scissors, removing two-thirds of the length of the first ten feathers on the chicken wing. Also should clip to the point where secondary feathers begin

4. Release the Chicken

Once you are done trimming, allow the chicken to calm down and then release it.

Alternatives to Clipping Chicken Wings

Where wing clipping might not be suitable for the chickens, there are three alternatives to clipping chicken wings that you can use to prevent your chickens from flying:

1. Brailing

This involves binding one wing with a soft cord or strap called a brail, which will make the chicken wing unable to open to fly. It is done on young chickens, likely to become heavy as they grow.

This method ensures that the brail is tight enough to prevent the wing from opening but not too tight to prevent blood circulation.

2. Crest Trimming

This is to clip the crest feathers that cover the cock’s eyes, which makes them not see, hence becoming uncomfortable and jumpy.

3. Build a High Fence or Netting Cover


Installing a tall fence for heavier breeds that can not fly high and securing the top with a bird net for lightweight species will help them remain in.

How High Can Chickens Jump with Clipped Wings

A clipped chicken can jump up to two to three feet tall because its clipped wings cannot fly over tall heights.

So, how tall should a free range chicken’s fence be?

A free-range fence should be six feet tall to keep chickens from flying. It is the ideal height for a free-range chicken fence to protect them from predators and prevent them from escaping.

Is a 4 Fence Tall Enough for Chicken?

No, a four-foot fence is not tall enough for chickens because most lightweight breeds can fly over it without assistance. However, it will only be enough if the chicken run is covered on top with a roof or netting and the chicken wings are clipped.

So, will chicken fly over a 4 foot fence? The answer is yes, most chicken breeds, even heavy breeds, can fly over the 4-foot fence, especially if they feel like it.

What of a 6-foot fence, can chicken fly over a 6 foot fence? Yes, chickens can fly over a six-foot fence, for instance, light breeds and fully feathered chickens, so long as no object on top of the fence can hinder them from flying.




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