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We are a new peer group of organic farmers who are keen to scout natural world and do enthralling activities. We gladly assist farmers to gain benefits of organic farming and significantly aids them to earn more money. The primary goal of Aarug Agro website is to educate as many as people to develop a vision to improve all agricultural needs in a global context


I am Bhumika
This space is aimed towards sharing my practical experiences and knowledge to encourage people to follow a blended health management approach of living which includes fresh, clean and nutritive food via organic farming.

Your valuable suggestions and comments are always welcome and appreciated to make this world a better place. Hope to you see you often on this space.

Bhumika Agrawal


Miss Richa Agrawal: Co-Founder of Aarug Agro

Welcome to Aarug Agro, where a passion for nature and a steadfast commitment to financial excellence converge under the capable leadership of Miss Richa Agrawal. As a Co-Founder of our esteemed company, Miss Richa Agrawal brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to her role.
Early Life and Education: Miss Richa Agrawal, the daughter of Mr. Sanjeev Agrawal, embodies a profound love for nature that is at the heart of Aarug Agro's mission. Her educational journey commenced with a degree in commerce from Raipur, setting the stage for her illustrious career. In addition to her commerce degree, she is currently pursuing the prestigious Chartered Accountancy designation, ensuring that she remains at the forefront of financial acumen. Key Responsibilities: Miss Richa Agrawal plays a pivotal role in the leadership of Aarug Agro, overseeing various critical functions within the company: 1. Finance Division Management: She is at the helm of our finance division, ensuring that fiscal operations are handled with the utmost precision and efficiency. 2. Client Relationship Management: Our clients are at the core of our business, and Miss Richa Agrawal takes a hands-on approach to foster strong, enduring relationships. Her dedication to client satisfaction is unwavering. 3. Strategic Decision-Making: At Aarug Agro, important decisions are made with a clear vision of the future. Miss Richa Agrawal is instrumental in shaping the company's strategic direction, guided by her deep knowledge of both finance and a profound appreciation for the natural world.

Miss Richa Agrawal’s multifaceted role at Aarug Agro epitomizes her dedication to our values and the success of our company. She embodies the spirit of our organization, where nature, commerce, and expertise unite for the greater good.

We invite you to connect with us and explore the boundless possibilities Aarug Agro offers in the realm of agriculture and sustainability. Join us on our journey towards a greener and more prosperous future.

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